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An overview of the program:

Confirmation is a two year process

It is our desire that every young person Confirmed at St. Edward:

  • Is knowledgeable about their faith and open to receive the grace of the sacrament;

  • Is connected to the life and mission of the Church through acts of ministry and service;

  • Has a personal relationship with Jesus, lived out in prayer and participation in the liturgy;

  • Has a maturing faith which will carry him/ her through the challenges of young adulthood

For these reasons, our high school Confirmation preparation program is two years, beginning in the sophomore or junior year. Students are also asked to complete at least one year of high school religious education in the freshman or sophomore year of before they begin Confirmation preparation.


Registration appointments are scheduled in the spring / summer before youth begin Confirmation Preparation Year One. Youth must complete a registration appointment with a Confirmation catechist before they begin attending preparation sessions. Contact Mrs. Lucy Muston at 281-353-9774 to set up a registration appointment or sign up online below.

Candidates must be registered for Confirmation and religious education. Candidates are excused from religious education if they are in a Catholic school enrolled in a religion class.

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Those preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation:

  • Must be baptized Catholics who have received first Holy Communion;

  • Should be attending Mass each weekend;

  • Should be in their second or third year of high school; and

  • Should be participating in on-going religious education, either at a Catholic school, parish, or accredited home school program. (At a minimum, s/he should attend religious education for the entire school year before s/he begins the preparation program.)

  • Should be active in parish life through participation in weekly youth group, liturgical ministry, and/or other parish groups / programs

qualifications to be a Confirmation Sponsor:

  • Must be baptized Catholics at least 16 years of age who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.

  • They should be attending Mass and receiving Eucharist regularly.

  • If married, the sponsor must be married in the Catholic Church.

  • Parents may not sponsor their own child.

If you believe that you will have difficulty finding a sponsor, please let us know at your registration appointment.